Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Adventure!

Hello all! I know I have been a bit AWOL, but things were not happening for a very long time. Last I posted was that I had an interview at my current school. Unfortunately I did not get any of the available teaching positions. Including that interview, I have been on approximately 14 interviews, including 8 that I did at a teacher fair at my university.

Luckily, the interview I had this week, on Tuesday, went fantastically! I interviewed with the principal, the assistant superintendent, and was offered the position 2 1/2 hours after my initial interview!! I will be a 1st Grade Teacher starting MONDAY!

Now, the school I am joining is about 3 hours from my current location, so I am moving and getting everything right now! Fortunately, I have a cousin who lives in that town and am able to stay there until I find a place to live. This school began last week! They have over 30 kids in each of the 3 classes, so they are forming a new class: mine!

I'm excited and crazy nervous!! I don't know what my room looks like or what curriculum I'm using or if the team has a plan to do something all similar. So I'm going to have a severe learning curve!
Any suggestions, helpful hints would be wonderful! I promise to post pictures, and news as soon as I can!

Smiley :)

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Karlie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm sure you'll do great:) One of my coworkers/best friends/roommates was in this same situation 2 years ago. She started 3 weeks after the kids. One advantage you'll have, the teachers should all have their schedules made;) Make a list of questions and try to sit down with at least one of the other 1st grade teachers to try to get "on the same page". Other than that, jump right in, get your room ready, you can do it! Next year you'll be wondering how did I do that? But for now, just know, you can do it and you'll be great:-D

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